Engineering A Family was started in October 2011 by JW with the intent of documenting creative solutions birthed from the adventures of raising a young family with an Engineering approach.

Raising a family to foster accountable and responsible dependents who will soon develop into full functional independents is a significant project requiring many resources to accomplish design and functional requirements.  These requirements can be broken down into the following (but not limited) categories:

  • Accountability to Notified Body/Auditor (God)
  • Stability & Robustness (Performs under loads, recovers from unexpected impulse inputs)
  • Cost Efficiency (Balance sheets, Procurement Policies)
  • Sustainability (Nutrition, Long Term Health)
  • Adaptive Knowledge Acquisition (Continuing Education)
  • Compatibility with common environments (Home, Work, Outside..)
  • Full integration among product line (Family Relatives)
  • Compatibility with third-party nodes (External Relationships)

JW (known on EAF as Dad) holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and brings to the family years of Embedded Firmware experience tacking difficult issues in real-time, resource constrained environments (hey…that sounds like a lot of families, right?).  The all-nighters from the robot design scrums/sprints proved to be useful preparation for the early days of family expansion.  Dad has become an expert on measuring and optimizing parameters of the family and home.  (To an Engineer, anything can be optimized or improved!)

EW (AKA, Mom) currently has attained her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Minor in Communications. What this means is she cannot live without spell check on any computer, but when needed can BS the heck out of a paper on almost any given topic and guarantee an A if not a B+ on the final draft. She can also talk circles around her counterpart in any kind of debate and usually wins.  In the last three years she has also attained her MRS degree, MOM degree and is still working on her Dr_MOM degree.  Mom currently holds the titles of  President and SAHM for EAF and on a daily basis tackles all the duties this entails.  Most of which primarily  include: Constant nourishing of the dependents via liquid gold and other organic sources, waste management and disposal and any other necessary action items to keep the dependents happily entertained and or contentedly napping.

AJ (dependent_t Child[0]) is presently in mid-Toddler phase with rapid development cycles and consistently hitting milestones.

EG (dependent_t Child[1]) is presently in gestational/developmental stage and due to make their arrival in the latter part of this year of 2013.

*Full Names and other proprietary information are currently withheld under NDA.

  • Julianna Peacock

    About to start a blog – thought about “engineering a family” then checked the domain and landed here. LOVE IT! I am a stay at home mom now – formerly an electrical/biomedical engineer – but I’m still “engineering” every day……but in our homes instead of FPGAs, circuits, etc.. Looking forward to reading through this. Very neat!