Expanding Freezer Storage

For all that I can remember, there’s always been cheap hacks for expanding storage capacity, Be it punching a hole into a single sided floppy to “upgrade” it to a double sided floppy or creating compressed volume mounts.  In the less technological word of storing foods in freezers, theres an ever growing need for organized capacity.

Our chest freezer has convenient upper and lower tier bins that slide across a set of rails.  Unfortunately, our “bread products” bin is constantly stacked over the rim and consequently spills over below.

Too much bagels, rolls, and loaves.

To counter the problem, I looked around for any cardboard available (cheap material) around the house.  Typically we have a box or two after a trip from Costco (also being cheap here), but since we haven’t bought a mass of items lately, I’ve had to make do with other packaging.  The idea being to extend the “walls” of the bin in a fast and cheap manner.

Step 1: Cut cardboard panels to size.  Mind the height clearance for the freezer door.
Step 2: Fit into sides of bin.

Taller Walls mean More Storage!

Side view further shows containment of bagged items

Wow! No more scatter-ness!

DISCLAIMER: EngineeringAFamily, its family and staff, and personnel DOES NOT ENCOURAGE NOR PROMOTE the use of federally controlled packaging material for this or any other project that is not considered as labeled use for said material.

Sorta like that floppy disk hack, I’ve effectively doubled the storing capability of the freezer bin!

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