Encrypting Parental Communication

Welcome to EngineeringAFamily.com, where our objective is to document the engineering practices used to raise our family based on various requirements and metrics.  The EAF website itself doesn’t serve any sensitive data, and is transmitted “through the air” in plain text without any encryption.

Recently, Mom and I (Dad) had a brief experience of trying to use an encryption speech algorithm while speaking in the presence of your infant son who already knows some key words when he hears them.  Our algorithm was borrowed from the previous generation of parents (e.g. ours), and the picture below serves as an example usage:
Since our son hasn’t picked up spelling of words, the basic encryption works…for now.  Sooner or later the current parental encryption will be cracked.  Sooner if kid watches enough Sesame Street.  Even sooner if he figures out how to hold down the magnifying glass button on mom or dad’s phone:



Every generation the kids get smarter faster.


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