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Make vs Buy: dish washing

Between commuting and working at an offsite office, entertaining spouse and kid, home projects, misc errands, bathing, putting the kid to bed, working on potential ventures,…, as well as sleep, the time spent on activities becomes scrutinized. In this case, how much time does all that dish washing take up? Can I “buy” out of at least some of the dish washing? Is it worthwhile to do do?

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Expanding Freezer Storage

For all that I can remember, there’s always been cheap hacks for expanding storage capacity, Be it punching a hole into a single sided floppy to “upgrade” it to a double sided floppy or creating compressed volume mounts. In the less technological word of storing foods in freezers, theres an ever growing need for organized capacity.

Our chest freezer has convenient upper and lower tier bins that slide across a set of rails. Unfortunately, our “bread products” bin is constantly stacked over the rim and consequently spills over below.

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Custom Baby Food Solution

Baby food is an interesting industry in civilized Western First-World society. In this market, prepared food mush is jarred or otherwise packaged in special containers and advertised as food items to feed your baby. The product is shelved in its own aisle separate from the produce and meats that typically perimeter the grocery store as if to say this food is different than anything else. Think about it, we don’t have a separate food aisle for kids, adolescents, adults, or seniors. (but there is a pet food aisle).

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